Age of realms 2 is a complicated game where each army unit has actually a duty to pat in battle; each military unit is a counter for one more unit and may be countered by one more unit. View our counter guide below to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of every unit and how every unit functions as another unit’s counter.

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But prior to we get started, we have actually a inquiry for you!!Let us know in the comments below what friend think the many under-appreciated unit in the video game is. Mine is Siege ram – The greater up the ranked ladder girlfriend progress, the more you see players utilizing siege rams come soak up arrow shots and also take positional advantages.

Now, let’s obtain started with Counters!

How to counter the typical Units in


The militia-line room infantry units. The militia-line contains militia, male at arms, lengthy swordsmen, two-handed swordsman and also champions.Militia can be countered by the archer-line, knight-line, hand-cannoneers and also massed scorpions.

Militia respond to trash devices (skirmishers, spearmen, scouts) and also eagle warriors.


The archer-line is a ranged, high attack, short HP unit in the archer class. The archer-line has Archers, Crossbow and also ArbalestArchers deserve to be countered through skirmishers, siege or eagle warriors.One particularly effective technique of managing archers or crossbows is by using a couple of rams patrolled in front to soak increase damage, while other units attack. Archers that space on
">patrol naturally attack the the next unit till that unit is killed, and then strike the next closest unit, meaning that archers require numerous micro come win-out against this strategy.

The archer-line is effective versus infantry and even cavalry when they with a critical-mass.


The knight-line is a cavalry unit. The knight-line has knights, cavaliers, and paladins.It have the right to be countered through spearmen (although lock beat spearmen one on one), monks and archers as soon as those archers have a an important mass, and also typically when they room crossbowmen. Together knights are an extremely expensive, it can be daunting or there deserve to be a delay to massing lock – this is why monks room the ideal counter.Knights room a high hp, high armor and also high strike unit, and are reasonably easy to use. Knights are an extremely effective versus skirmishers, siege, infantry (other 보다 spearmen) and hand cannoneers. Knights likewise are an effective unit come raid an adversaries economy, together they usually can stand approximately town-center fire where other cavalry units struggle, and have high mobility.



The spearman-line is one infantry trash unit. The spearman-line contains spearman, pikeman and also halberdiers.Spearman can be countered by archers, skirmishers, militia, scorpions or hand cannoneers. Generally speaking, anything that is not mounties will counter the spearman, however mangonels may struggle if the spearman closes the distance and gets into the minimum range.Spearman are an anti-cavalry unit. When scouts v bloodlines room the strongest devices in feudal aggression, spearman ~ above scouts will certainly deal the highest damage that any kind of unit have the right to deal on one more in the feudal age. Spearman are fairly cheap come produce and also to upgrade and also is essential in most games that go into the so late game.As with all the three trash units, spearman room countered by one garbage unit (the skirmisher) and also counters one rubbish unit (the scouts).



The skirmisher is an archer rubbish unit.Skirmishers are countered properly by the knight-line, scout-line, eagle warriors, siege and also militia-line. This is as, although they have actually high pierce armor, they absence melee armor, space low hp and also have a minimum range, calculation them can not to strike melee units.Skirmishers are an anti-archer unit however, castle have far-ranging bonus damages to archers and have extr pierce armor which assists in defending native them.Like all trash units, skirmishers excel versus one rubbish unit (the spearmen-line) yet are weak against another (the scout-line).



The scout-line are mounties trash units. The scout-line has scouts, irradiate cavalry, and hussars.Scouts have the right to be countered by spearman or militia, knights, or massed archers.Scouts are an extremely effective against monks as they have a conversion-resistance and deal bonus damage to monks. Scouts are additionally effective against skirmishers and is suitable cheap raiding unit to damages an opponents economy because of its mobility. Due to the fact that it is a trash unit with high hp and pierce armor, scouts are frequently used together what is dubbed a “meat-shield” to help with ranged systems dealing damage but not acquisition damage, ensuring the ranged devices behind can have a net-positive production enhancing the alters of an effective snowball.As v all rubbish units, scouts room effective against one form of trash unit (skirmishers) however struggle versus another (the spearman).



Monks are an amazing unit. Monks call for intense micro to use, together they cannot convert enemies uneven tasked to execute so. Because that this reason, skirmishers, the archer-line, and spearman-line space effective against monks, together they room a unit that has actually low HP (reducing the damages of a single conversion) and also by your nature are typically massed to it is in effective. The Scout-Line is particularly effective versus monks early to added bonus damage that monks take from them, and additionally due to the truth that scouts advantage from conversion resistance.Monks can adjust the tide of a battle. In particular, they are effective against the knights and especially effective against any kind of elephants, because of the low mobility the the elephants, high HP and attack of every elephant boosting the precious of conversion, and the reality that they space so expensive the massing elephants space difficult.Where a civilization additionally receives A modern technology available in ~ the monastery. ~ researching redemption, monks can convert siege units and some buildings.Monks may only convert buildings, trebuchets or rams by standing beside that unit. Onagers, scorpions and bombard cannons deserve to be converted from the monks normal conversion range.Monks v redemption cannot convert:Town Center"s;Farms;Fish Traps;Palisade and stone Walls;Palisade and stone Gates;Castle"s;Kresposts; andWonders
">redemption, monks are likewise highly effective against mangonels, scorpions and bombard cannons, which deserve to be converted from the distance. This is because of the truth that siege is an extremely expensive come mass, and also therefore the value of the counter is increased.


The eagle-line is a fast-moving infantry unit only obtainable to the Meso-American civilizations. The eagle-line includes eagle scouts, eagle warriors and also elite eagle warriors.

In the beforehand ages the the game, eagle scouts are comparable to the enlightenment cavalry, however it i do not care a very strong unit v the eagle warrior upgrade. Eagle warrior excel in raiding and also fighting archer units. Eagle warriors also have some conversion resistance.Eagle warriors deserve to be countered with the militia-line, Hand Cannoneers, siege, and also slingers. Knights have the right to take cost-effective trades against them.Eagle warriors respond to archers, monks and also are terrific at raiding economies.


Camels, likewise known as camel riders since the relax of definitive Edition, are mounties units used for anti-cavalry purposes.Camels deserve to be countered with the spearman-line, monks, or the archer-line. Camels likewise take much more damage indigenous defensive structures than other mounties units.

Camels excel against cavalries such together the knight-line and scout-line. Camels can additionally be used versus skirmishers and for raiding, although other units might be more cost-effective because that raiding.

Cavalry Archers

Hand Cannoneers room a shooting powder unit only accessible in the royal age. Castle excel together an anti-infantry unit and also should be offered to counter infantry units such together the militia-line, Eagle Warriors, and also spearman-line. Lock have really high attack, and can execute reasonably well versus the scout-line, knight-line, or camels yet their low accuracy outcomes in them regularly underperforming in short numbers.

The finest counter because that hand cannoneers is skirmishers, together they space cheap, simple to mass, and also have bonus damage versus hand cannoneers. Siege such together onagers or scorpions is also an extremely effective. Massed mounties works well, listed that the mounties is maybe to completely surround the hand cannoneers.

Battle Elephants

Although the Battle Elephant is the the strongest non-unique unit in the game, the struggles because of its slow-moving speed to acquire an effective engagement v an enemy army. Together a result, battle Elephants work an extremely well in closed maps as soon as you have locked off choices for the foe to decide wherein you can force a struggle in one location. Fight Elephants are classed together a cavalry unit.Battle Elephants are solid against any kind of unit they deserve to reach. In a one-on-one trade, they will certainly beat their timeless counter, the spearman-line, although the is not cost-effective. They room stronger 보다 the knight-line and also have decent pierce armor and also high HP to negate archers and also get in close, whereby archers carry out not usage
">hit-and-run technique.Because the the short mobility of fight Elephants, lock are quickly countered by the archer-line and also Cavalry Archers that efficiently kite battle Elephants. The spearman-line is also really effective at countering fight Elephants, specifically considering just how easy the spearman-line is come mass and also how cost-effective the profession is.The finest unit to counter fight Elephants is monks. As battle Elephants space slow, Faith increases the conversion resistance of all of a player's units. After confidence is researched, the minimum time an opponent can transform a player's unit is 2 seconds, and the possibility of a effective conversion is lower per 2nd of convert by 67%.Faith is critical technology to research study when facing enemy monks.
">Faith is a an extremely expensive modern technology after making battle Elephants, many civilizations with battle Elephants carry out not have A technology available at the monastery. As soon as one of your systems is converted, that unit is eliminated instead.
">Heresy, and also Battle Elephants room so expensive, gifting a pair of fight Elephants come your opponent can easily change the outcome of a battle in their favor.



The Ram is a siege unit. Rams transaction the many amount of damage to adversary buildings and fortifications of all siege units. It may additionally not be noticeable on the surface but Rams also counter archer units, on the provision the the rams are linked with one more unit. This is together rams have a really high HP and especially high pierce armor. Where rams are put in in between an enemy military of archers and your own, what can occur unless the opponent is using micro the whole fight is the the foe archers target her rams, which are able come soak up many arrows, whilst you are able to whittle away at their numbers.To respond to rams, use any infantry or mounties unit, the Onager-Line, Bombard Cannons, or even villagers. Rams have -3 armor, so any kind of melee damages will do very well in against them.


The Onager-Line room siege units. The Onager-Line transaction high damage to devices within the area-of-effect, the trade-off being that all units, consisting of your own, or allied units, can likewise be damaged in the area-of-effect attack.The Onager-Line deals bonus damage versus buildings, and are particularly effective in ~ sieging town centers, together they have actually outrange town centers. The Onager-Line counters archer devices generally, listed that the player cannot evade the shots v micro. The Onager-Line is also good at against rams and scorpions, being capable of taking care of a mass of scorpions through one or two volleys. The Onager-Line also counters adversary Onagers and Mangonels.Bombard Cannons, mounties units and A modern technology available at the monastery. After researching redemption, monks can convert siege units and some buildings.Monks may only convert buildings, trebuchets or rams by standing beside that unit. Onagers, scorpions and bombard cannons have the right to be convert from the monks normal conversion range.Monks through redemption cannot convert:Town Center"s;Farms;Fish Traps;Palisade and rock Walls;Palisade and rock Gates;Castle"s;Kresposts; andWonders
">redemption monks counter the Onager-Line. Whereby a player has these units available, either discover a means of easily dispose of those units or simply do not make onagers, as they space countered lot too effectively. Mangonels and Onagers are frequently used to respond to your own Mangonels or Onagers. Micro, or hill-bonus, have the right to be provided to ensure that you get an optimal trade.

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Some may find the details in the listed below counter chart much easier to digest when it comes to which period of empires 2 units respond to which.UnitGood AgainstWeak AgainstMilitia-LineSkirmishers, Spearman-Line, Eagle Warriors, ScoutsArchers, Knights, cavalry Archers, Hand CannoneersArcher-LineMilitia-Line, Spearman-Line, Knights (when in mass), MonksEagle Warriors, Skirmishers, SiegeKnight-LineMilitia-Line, Archer-Line (in same numbers), Scout-Line, Siege, Eagle WarriorsMonks, Archer-Line (when at number disadvantage), Spearman-Line, cavalry Archers (when at number disadvantage), CamelsSpearman-LineScout-Line, Knight-Line, Camels, Siege, battle ElephantsArcher-Line, mounties Archers, Hand Cannoneers, SkirmishersSkirmishersSpearman-Line, Archer-Line, MonksKnight-Line, Militia-Line, Camels, Scout-Line, Siege, Eagle Warriors,Scout-LineSkirmishers, Monks, Siege, Archer-Line (in the early game in same numbers)Knight-Line, Camels, cavalry Archers, Archer-Line (in the late game unless at a greater amount), Militia-Line, Eagle WarriorsMonksKnight-Line, fight Elephant, Camels, Siege (when A an innovation available at the monastery. After ~ researching redemption, monks can transform siege units and some buildings.Monks may only convert buildings, trebuchets or rams by standing next to that unit. Onagers, scorpions and bombard cannons deserve to be converted from the monks normal conversion range.Monks through redemption cannot convert:Town Center"s;Farms;Fish Traps;Palisade and stone Walls;Palisade and stone Gates;Castle"s;Kresposts; andWonders
">redemption is available)Scout-Line, Eagle Warriors, Archer-Line, Skirmishers, Spearman-LineEagle WarriorsArcher-Line, Skirmishers, Scout-Line (only once Eagle Warrior modern technology is researched), Monks, SiegeKnight-Line, Militia-Line, Hand CannoneersCamelsScout-Line, Knight-Line, Siege, SkirmishersMonks, Spearman-Line, Archer-LineCavalry ArchersSpearman-Line (with hit and run technique), Militia-Line, Knights (when in a greater mass), Camels (with
">hit-and-run technique)Hand CannoneersInfantry systems (Militia-Line, Eagle Warriors, Spearman-Line), Knights (when in mass), Scout-Line (in same numbers), CamelsSiege, Skirmishers, Knight-Line, Scout-Line, Archer-LineBattle ElephantsStrong versus all units detailed it can reach that unitSpearman-Line, Monks, Archers (with
">hit-and-run technique)

Unique Unit Counters come Come

Want to discover all about the distinctive units period of realms 2 has to offer, what your strengths and also weaknesses are, and how to counter each distinct unit? stay tuned, as we will have this short article out shortly!Don’t forget to let us know what unit you think is the many under-appreciated unit in the game!