Our Norfolk, Nebraska ACE RENT-TO-OWN is located at 1310 West Norfolk Avenue, Suite A, right beside Walgreens. We’re open from 9a.m. To 8:30p.m. Monday v Friday and also 9a.m. Come 6p.m. ~ above Saturdays. We’re closed on Sundays to allow our employees to invest the day v their families. Us pride ourselves on providing the shortest prices ~ above high-quality home furnishings, appliances, and electronics. The Norfolk store has actually a broad array of computers, furniture, mattresses, tires, and specialty items.

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People visit our city of Norfolk for many reasons, besides visiting our rental to own store. One factor is come visit the trace head the the Cowboy Line, a limestone trail that traverse 321 mile from Norfolk to Chadron, which to be once part of the Chicago & north Western Railroad. Human being come from almost everywhere to walk, run, or ride their bike on this longest rail-to-trail conversion in the United says to check out the beautiful Nebraska countryside! one more reason is the AquaVenture Waterpark. The summertime fun contains the wave pool, zero-depth entry pool, water walk, blow fish slide, 54 customs raft slide, 32 inch body slide and much more!

At Ace, we understand that her rent to own purchase is simply the begin of our relationship. Need to you find yourself in of repair on one of the products you have purchased, or have a question around your purchase, do not be fear to offer us a call. We will dispatch a technician to your location and have your problem resolved in a jiffy. Ace is also the only rent-to-own firm in Nebraska to market a an excellent News Exchange. This method that, should you change your mind about an item, you deserve to return it and also apply any payments you’ve currently made in the direction of a different item of your choice. This kind of flexibility is revolutionizing the rent-to-own industry. We provide this option due to the fact that it is our top priority of obtaining you come towards finish ownership. We additionally offer girlfriend 120 days same as cash, when guaranteeing you that we’ll beat any competitors’ price.

Our “complete ownership” commitment is clearly evident in everything we do. Along with getting our client to ownership, we carry out so by offering the best possible customer company possible. Us encourage our staff to treat every customer through respect and also trust.

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As an end result, us have established lasting friendships with plenty of of our long-term customers. Deserve to we counting on see you you at our Norfolk Ace rent to very own store soon? should you be an old friend or a first-time client, we’re looking forward to the opportunity of offer you.