We initially had a good experience but upon going come the store and also speaking with one of the workers that was no the keep manager, the experience took a rotate south.The young guy in question was very condescending--talking down to Tom, or at the very least he felt so, in front of many people, partly, ns think due to the fact that he had not correctly filled out the application.As it to be the first time to usage this form of keep under no situations would I ever before even take into consideration this one again. If you do consider it. Speak just to the manager and under no circumstances make a mistake.

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I simply want to thank Ace for constantly having what I need on the spot. I always recieve the upmost respect and also care everytime i visit the store. Mine very an individual Appreciation come the Manager, Josh.... He it s okay you what friend want once you want and how girlfriend want. Save up the an excellent work Ace. There arent alot of areas to shop in Gra d Island where you get the sort of client Service and also Satisfaction you guys give. MonicaZamora

The sales associates room absolutely great. They constantly treat united state respectfully and very kind. The items us purchased were in good condition, ace had a great selection and also the pricing is reasonable. Payments room scheduled and also can it is in rescheduled accordingly. Ace rent to very own is really a great place to go as soon as you require anything because that your residence or electronic needs, enabling you to take house or have yielded by making a down payment and also continuing weekly payment to complete the agreement. We have been client for about 5 years and are happy v our choice.

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Honestly my suffer is wonderful, I have bought many things from this store, Ive review thru all the reviews because that this and also honestly am dissatisfied with few of the an adverse reviews... Personally castle have described everything come me every time i have bought something from there store... And also as for prices there not that bad but similar to every store some prices fluctuate between other retailers... Yet the one thing to save in psychic is their allowing u to pay in a rental to own fashion not one drop and go choose every various other retailer... Lock personally work-related with u, there products are rather nice the vouch is impressive as well. The employee is rather nice ns personally will continue my purchase thru them ns hope that through what ive told u of my an individual experience probably u will offer them several of ur organization to

Josh is a decent manager and also David is certain amazing, he can pretty lot sell girlfriend something everytime you walk right into the store.