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If the automobile AC blows cold air on one side and hot top top the other, there are a few different causes however it’s likely the blend door actuator, likewise known as the temperature blend door actuator or vent mode door actuator. We’ll sheathe what can cause your car’s AC to just blow warm or cold top top one side, what various other symptoms you could hear, and also how to diagnose the blend door actuator if you think it’s the cause.

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Signs the a Temperature difficulty in her Car

AC Blows Cold air One Side and Hot air on the Other

There room a couple of different reasons why the AC might not work-related in her car. If the air conditioning in your vehicle is blowing warm air ~ above one side and also cold air on the other, there could be a basic fix prefer adjusting the temperature or it can be time to replace a part like the temperature mix door actuator.

AC Blows hot or Cold waiting on One Side through Clicking Sound

If you suffer the symptom the the AC blowing hot or cold waiting on one side but not the other and it’s accompanied by a click or ticking sound, the probably means a gear in the temperature mix door actuator is faulty and the actuator demands to it is in replaced.

Why the AC Blows Cold top top One Side and also Hot top top the Other

Problems v the HVAC manage module have the right to be further diagnosed through an advanced scan tool, but here space some usual reasons why the AC might be blowing hot and also cold air on either side regardless of the set temperature settings.

Temperature Settings adjusted Differently because that the Passenger and Driver Side


Sometimes the AC blows cold ~ above one side and hot ~ above the other due to the fact that the setups are set that way. This can be remedied by adjusting the temp ~ above the cold next or vice versa come the wanted degree.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) manage Module Program requirements a Reset

After disconnecting the battery, occasionally you can interrupt the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) regulate module’s regime that conducts a self-test to discover the mix door actuator’s location. If this happens, the module can read inaccurate data, leading to an inaccurate temp and also requiring recalibration.

If the program needs to it is in recalibrated, sometimes it deserve to be reset by disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery for around 5 minutes. After ~ this, revolve the an essential on and do not touch any kind of HVAC controls. Hopefully this will reset the module.

Faulty blend Door Actuator


The blend door actuator, also known as the temperature blend door actuator or vent mode door actuator, have the right to break or malfunction over time. A blend door actuator is faulty if the HVAC control module regulates it to a details position yet it fails to comply, leading to cases like the temp blowing name is or chillier than its intended setting. A faulty blend door actuator can be determined with a an effective scan tool and also sometimes makes a clicking noise indigenous worn or damaged internal parts.

Mechanical trouble with Vent Door

Sometimes the temp will blow hotter or colder on one next from mechanical difficulties with the vent door. Occasionally the door can jamb or stick, or have problems being controlled.

Temperature Sensor not Working

If the temp sensor isn’t working and also the auto has a difficult time choose up specific information, this can impact the method the temperature setups work.

Head Unit or HVAC Controls not Working

Sometimes the head unit or heat and also A/C controls cause the A/C to blow warm or cold waiting on one side. Commands may job-related intermittently or not at all, do it difficult to manage the temperature settings.


How to Diagnose blend Door Actuators


Blend door actuators room the most common reason for the vehicle air conditioning to blow cold waiting on one side and also hot wait on the other. They deserve to be diagnosed with an progressed scan tool. The scan tool have the right to tell if the mix door actuator must be in a different position 보다 commanded. If that does not move with the adjustments and commands, there is a problem with the mix door actuator and it will have to be replaced. If the actuator is clicking, this is one more sign the will probably need to be replaced.

Where Is the mix Door Actuator Located?

Temperature blend door actuator located on the driver side, over the accelerator pedal and also on the side of the HVAC box

The actuator is commonly screwed in v an electrical connector on the equivalent driver or passenger side. Sometimes they are placed over or below the heater box, also known as the HVAC box.

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How to change the mix Door Actuator Yourself

Replacing the door lock actuator have the right to be an easy repair. These are the measures to replace a mix door actuator on a 00-03 Chevy Monte Carlo

Remove the gloves BoxRemove the Temperature Door ActuatorDisconnect the temperature door actuator wiring harnessRemove the two 7/32 customs bolts indigenous the actuatorPull turn off the actuatorInstall the Temperature Door ActuatorLine up the obelisk with the new actuatorPush the actuator into placeInsert the 2 7/32 inch bolts right into the actuatorConnect the actuator wiring harnessTest the actuator by relocating the temperature control and also watching the actuatorInstall the gloves Box

Check the end this video clip to view the replacement on an 08-12 Ford Escape. To find videos details to your year, make, and also model, search 1A Auto’s how-to videos.