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In stimulate to start this quest you should finish the Unplanned Parenthood quest and then talk to Anais again.

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After getting a taste the parenthood, Alexios appreciated some one-on-one time through an old friend.

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AnaisWorld Map

1. Accomplish Anais close to Tegea


Investigate Anais"s property

Before you walk to Tegea, inspect the surroundings of Anais" home and get some tips top top what she likes, etc.

Anais likes honey.

Anais likes strong wine.

Anais likes olives.

Then walk to the meeting with Anais.

2. Monitor Anais

When the night comes, you will certainly go together looking for something to eat and drink. Anais will leave it as much as you to decision what come choose.

The an initial merchant has wine come sell.

Dry wine.Sweet wine.Strong wine. - that type of wine Anais likes the most.

The second choice will certainly be what you will certainly eat together the key course.

Lamb v rice and olives. - Anais loves olives.Chicken v vegetables.Slow-cooked goat stew.

The last selection will be what you eat for dessert.

Grape pudding v walnuts.Strawberries v cream.Pears through honey glaze. - Anais likes honey.

When girlfriend get back to the farm, you"ll discover that it was struck by bandits. The end of this search will it is in different depending on what you taught Arion.

3. (Ending) You taught Arion how to it is in a farmer

Fortunately, Arion will just be contempt injured.

I"m happy Arion is safe.He could have been killed.

Anais will tell you the she trusts you and loves you and also wants girlfriend to continue to be with them.

You need to decide exactly how Alexios will refuse her.

I"m a fighter, not a farmer.Barnabas needs me.(Flirt) I love you, however I can"t stay.

You will remain friends.

4. (Ending) You teach Arion exactly how to it is in a warrior

Thanks come the teachings that Alexios, Arion himself beat the bandits who assaulted the farm.

Anais appreciates the your teachings have helped her son defend himself. However she also understands the she can"t fully trust you, so she"ll just offer friend friendship.

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5. Pursuit Completed

Rewards: legend XP, legend Drachmae, Lover"s nest (Epic Torso)

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