Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic facility (AAIC) is a non-profit charitable company 501 (c) ( 3) that has been formed solely for religious, educational and social function for the general public benefit.

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Our Mission is “To the betterment of Muslims and culture at large”

Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Centers is an institution dedicated to lead and committed to serve. AAIC paint, etc its strength and guidance native the holy Quran and also Sunnah the the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
The Vision of Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic facility is “ Striving to be the leading Islamic company that offers educational, social and spiritual services to Muslims in north America”.

Our vision highlights our wish for everyone among mankind to praise our lord Allah alone (Glory be to Him) follow to the teachings that His Messenger Muhammad (Peace it is in upon him).
Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic facility (AAIC) was founded in 1998. Ours humble Scholars and also vibrant ar leaders began the AAIC task with the aid of Allah (Almighty) and support indigenous the Muslim neighborhood to assist meet the religious and social needs in the pair Cities subway area. Collecting early funds and search that the site lasted 6 years before the website was purchase on July 29, 2006.

The center currently sits top top 95000 square feet of land. About 37000 square feet that the space is still not utilized in spite of the vast need that the neighborhood for such space, to minimize the overcrowded classrooms and also develop much more opportunities for youth and families.

After the purchase, the renovation setup that consisted of three phases in i beg your pardon the an initial two phases (prayer room and second floor classrooms) to be completed by the year the 2009. The last phase which includes a standard high college gym, K-12 school, additional classrooms, and office room is at this time under procedure to completely utilize every the building space.

AAIC, located at the love of the twin Cities, not only serves as a location of prayer for Muslims but also as a community center. Across AAIC is a bustling purchase center, Halal market, bazaar and also restaurants the cater to a varied group the people. AAIC is roughly 15-minute journey away from Downtown, Uptown and the Minneapolis/St Paul international airport. Furthermore, AAIC has access to the surrounding lakes, parks, and also recreational centers.

AAIC owes its success very first and foremost to Allah and also the tireless efforts of that members and also volunteers. Native the AAIC leaders and also visionaries that left your day work to serve and also guide the community, to the Moms that cooked homemade meals to fund the project, from the spiritual Imams who motivated us v their moving sermons and also to the volunteers that walked mile on knocking doors and setting events to assistance the project.

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AAIC thanks all the founders, leaders, community members and volunteers who have actually helped do this CENTER, a location to offer thousands of family members each week.