Authors: David H. Barlow, V.Mark Durand, Stefan G. HofmannFile Size: 29 MBFormat: PDFLength: 784 pagesPublisher: Cengage Learning; 8 hours EditionPublication Date: January 1, 2017Language: EnglishASIN: B01NAJYYQ7ISBN-10: 1305950445, 1337277215, 1337514047ISBN-13: 9781305950443, 9781337277211, 9781337514040

Abnormal Psychology: one Integrative method (8th Edition) – eBook PDF


David H. BarlowDr. David H. Barlow is an worldwide recognized leader and also expert in clinical psychology, having pioneered many treatments and also investigations in mood and anxiety disorders. Currently Professor Emeritus that Psychology and Psychiatry in ~ Boston University, David is also the founder and also Director Emeritus of the facility for Anxiety and Related Disorders, among the biggest research clinics of its kind in the world. Previously, he was a distinguished Professor in ~ State college of new York in ~ Albany.

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David acquired his B.A. From the university of Notre Dame, his M.A. Native Boston College, and his Ph.D. Native the college of Vermont. Dr. Barlow is the recipient of a the James McKeen Cattell fellow Award native the association for psychological Science and the Lifetime achievement award native the American emotional Association.

Stefan G. HofmannDr. Stefan G. Hofmann is a Professor of Psychology at the department of mental and mind Sciences at Boston University, whereby he directs the Psychotherapy and Emotion study Laboratory. Stefan has an actively funded research regime studying various elements of emotionally disorders v a details emphasis top top cognitive behavior therapy and also anxiety disorders. Dr. Hofmann has won many prestigious expert awards. That is a other of the APS and also APA and was chairman of miscellaneous international and also national experienced societies, including the global Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy and the Association because that Behavioral and also Cognitive Therapies. He was additionally an advisor to the DSM-5 Development process and a member of the DSM-5 tension Disorder Sub-Work Group.

Stefan to be recently named a extremely Cited Researcher by Thomson Reuters. That is currently the editor the Cognitive Therapy and also Research and has published much more than 15 books and also over 300 peer-reviewed newspaper articles.

V. Note DurandDr. V. Mark Durand is a Professor that Psychology at the college of south Florida St. Petersburg, where he to be the vice Chancellor for scholastic Affairs.and the founding Dean the Arts and also Sciences. He is additionally known an international as an government in the area of autism spectrum disorders. Mark is a fellow of the American psychological Association and also has obtained over $4 million in federal funding to research the behavior problems in youngsters with disabilities.

Dr. Durand deserve his B.A., M.A., and also Ph.D. (all in psychology) at the State university of brand-new York (SUNY) Stony Brook. Right now a member the the professional Advisory board for the Autism society of America, mark is the co-editor the the journal of Positive behavior Interventions and has written over 100 publications on education programming, practical communication, and also behaviour therapy and also over 10 books. He developed a distinct treatment because that severe habits problems the is offered worldwide. Most recently, Dr. Durand developed creative approach (Optimistic Parenting) to assist families job-related with their an overwhelming children.


Balancing psychological, biological, social, and cultural approaches, this ebook’s ground-breaking integrative technique is a contemporary, scientifically valid method for examining abnormal psychology. Revised with leading-edge research study findings, the eighth edition draws on the specialization of V. Mark Durand, David H. Barlow, and also Stefan G. Hofmann, three globally recognized specialists in clinical psychology. In one Abnormal Psychology Integrative Approach, 8 hours Edition, (PDF), the authors efficiently blend advanced research through an engaging, easily accessible writing style. They go beyond simply explaining various schools of believed on psychological disorders, experimenting the relations of the various pressures that contribute to psychopathology. This inclusive resource includes integrated case studies (95 percent from the authors’ very own files) and added study tools.

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