Let’s look in ~ the quote again: “A smooth sea never made a experienced sailor.” What walk this even mean? If you space out in ~ sea and also the water is calm and flat (it’s a beautiful sight from the trip deck the an plane carrier), you can really feel the peace, the substantial ocean that life before you. The sunlight is out and also shining, it’s tranquil and also harmonious, and there’s no real require for an excellent skill. You deserve to just sail through and also bask in every its glory.

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There is nothing magical or spectacular around this quote and also saying the in your head can not do anything take place or adjust anything, however in specific times of trials and also tribulations it has a power behind it, the if you think in yourself you will pull through.

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s quote, “a smooth sea never ever made a expert sailor,” is just one of my favorite quotes ever! Not since I spent 20+ year in the United says Navy but since of the profound definition I have actually for it. This quote, so an easy in nature, is also very deep and profound and also I think it must be kept in everyone’s little book of favorite quotes.

When the seas are calm and you are steaming appropriate along, this deserve to represent when everything in your life is walk great. You room getting an excellent grades, girlfriend are gaining hours at work, you are spending time through family and friends, and also life just seems grand. There isn’t much skill necessary for as soon as things are going great.

Now, let’s look in ~ the various other side the the scenario. You room out in ~ sea and also there is a storm coming, the wind is punch making big waves, the water is splashing over the boat making it hard to see or move roughly on the boat. The skies is getting darker make it difficult to see the obstacles ahead. Now comes the rain! currently it’s also harder to watch or feeling the ideal direction. Now you have actually lost your bearings and also are gift tossed about between the waves. If you space a brand-new sailor you will certainly be required to learn the an abilities on hand that are necessary to try to get over the situation, and also if you space a seasoned seafarer then the skills and experience from previous storms will involved help. We have the right to look in ~ this together a allude in our resides where it is not going for this reason well. Other or things are happening in our lives that are testing our an abilities and do us job-related harder.

I have a better appreciation because that my Search and Rescue Instructors in making final practicals as difficult as humanly possible. There are sides in a pool and even a bottom you can touch. Out to sea, there space neither within your grasp and also you far better put several of those skills to job-related or you might not do it back to the ship. Having to command a rescue in ~ 2 a.m. In seas in i beg your pardon a 90,000 ton ship is gift moved about can be an extremely devastating in a rigid Hull Inflatable watercraft (RHIB) if you don’t understand what you room doing.

I likewise love this quote since I believe God locations a balance that smooth seas and rough seas in our lives to save close come Him and also to it is in able to help others in need. When the seas room calm we praise God for the blessing and we re-publishing the glory v others. Once the storms are rough we are forced to put our confidence in God and use the skills acquired over the year to aid pull united state through.

We prosper in time of trouble, we thrive in our belief (sometimes we shed it), we grow in experience, we flourish in maturity and we prosper in the relationship with others. Every these things assist mold us into the people we were supposed to be. I truly think we acquire tested and put in cases so that once we satisfy someone or when God locations us in someone’s life that is going with the exact same or similar situation we will be may be to assist them.

Bruce Lee when said, “Do not pray for basic life, pray for the stamin to endure a an overwhelming one.” every in all we must adopt the job the seas are smooth and adopt the days wherein the seas space rough to become a well rounded sailor.

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At Virginia TaeKwonDo, we strive to help our college student know how to take care of the hard times in life. With enough training and experience, they have the right to handle any kind of storm the comes your way. If you would prefer to work on your survival and also leadership skills, authorize up because that classes in ~ our academy. Offer us a contact at 757-558-9869 or contact us.

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