IntroIndian room scientist
IsEngineerAerospace engineer
Birth22 October 1952, Hassan, Hassan District, Mysore division, Karnataka
Age69 years
Star signLibra



Kiran Kumar Aluru Seelin was born in a Lingayat family members in Hassan district in 1952, in the Indian state that Karnataka. He i graduated in Physics (Honours). In 1971, from the nationwide College the Bangalore University. This was complied with by a level of MSc in electronics from the very same university, in 1973. His more studies to be at the Indian institute of Science, Bangalore from whereby he pass MTech in physical Engineering, in 1975.

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Kiran Kumar began his career, joining room Applications Centre, Ahmedabad, in 1975, functioning on space borne Electro -optical imaging instruments. He has remained at the institution ever before since and also is the manager of the Electro-optical systems Group due to the fact that April 2012. He has represented Indian space Research organization at countless international court such together the human being Meteorological Organisation and also Indo-US share Working group on Civil room Cooperation and also holds the Chair that the ISRO Committee on earth Observation Satellites (CEO).


Kiran Kumar"s heritage spans across his contribute to the scientific world, specifically Indian an are endeavors, and his efforts towards the circulation of understanding by way of articles and also lectures.

Scientific contributions

Kiran Kumar is recognized to have made contributions to the Indian room programmes, indigenous the early on projects favor Bhaskara TV payload till the later programmes such together Chandrayaan-1 and Mangalyaan. Kumar is credited with the architecture and advancement of the electro-optical image sensors used in India"s an initial remote sensing satellite, Bhaskara, introduced in 1979 and the subsequent one in 1981, and also the s colour tools used in weather forecasting, sea zone/landscape mapping and also telecommunications.

He is likewise reported come have contributed to the architecture and advancement of the imaging instruments for tasks such together INSAT–3D, Resourcesat, Micro Satellite and Cartosat.The Terrain Mapping Camera and also Hyperspectral Imager payloads of Chandrayaan-1 task is likewise credited come the efforts of Kiran Kumar. It was the team led by Kumar which arisen three that the five scientific instruments

Academic contributions

Kumar has attended countless seminars and also conferences wherein he has yielded lectures and also keynote addresses. That has also published several write-ups in peer reviewed worldwide journals, ResearchGate has provided 41 of his articles.

Suchandra Bhowmick; Raj Kumar; A. S. Kiran Kumar (2014). "Cross Calibration the the OceanSAT -2 Scatterometer with QuikSCAT Scatterometer Using natural Terrestrial Targets". Study Gate. Re-cover 31 October 2014.A. S. Arya; Phani Rajasekhar Rudravaram; Amitabh Singh; Barla Gopala Krishna; Ajai Prof; kiran kumar alur Seelin (2014). "Morphometric, rheological and also compositional analysis of an effusive lunar dome making use of high resolution far sensing data sets: A case study from Marius hills region". Research study Gate. Retrieved 31 October 2014.
The level the precision that is required for together a mission demanded very sensitive accelerometers — much superior in quality over the people we’ve used in earlier an are missions, says Dr. Kiran Kumar around India"s Mars Mission

Kiran Kumar has actually received numerous awards and also honors, starting with the Indian society of remote Sensing compensation in 1994. 4 years later, in 1998, he obtained the Vasvik award, complied with by the Astronautical culture of India award in 2001. The Indian space Research organization honoured Kumar through the Individual company award in 2006 and also the Bhaskara compensation of the Indian society of far Sensing come his means in 2007. The following year, 2008, experienced Kumar obtaining the Team accomplishment Award 2008 of international Academy the Astronautics and the ISRO performance Award native the Indian space Research Organization.

Kiran Kumar has been conferred v the fellowship by the national Academy of Engineers and is a equivalent member that the international Academy that Astronautics. The federal government of India honored Kiran Kumar Alur Seelin with the Padma Shri by consisting of him in the 2014 Republic job Honours. Kiran Kumar was awarded the Honorary Doctorate degree from GITAM college on 24 in march 2015.

In 2017 he to be awarded the Vijnan Ratna H K Firodia award for his direction the the Indian an are programme in such areas as earth observations, communication, navigation and also developed native launch vehicles.

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