For Bea Alonzo’s Andeng Agoncillo, the characters portrayed by XianLim and also Ian Veneracion talk things out over two bottles in A Love To critical Feb. 22 episode. Follow this link to capture up on the events in the vault episode. Wency Cornejo shows up in this Wednesday’s episode, singing an Eraserheads original, “Ligaya.”

A Love To last Feb. 22 episode Recap: Xian Lim vs Ian Veneracion

In this “Harapan” episode, Anton (Ian Veneracion) finds Totoy (Xian Lim) in his office. Totoy wants facts, therefore he asks Andeng’s customer if they are actually rivals. Totoy also complains around Andeng’s work schedule. This happens to Anton after a stressful, headache-causing meeting through the board for an international tech fair.

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Anton says Totoy need to not worry. The boss thinks Andeng has actually a better chance at gift happy through Totoy. In spite of this exchange, shippers of Anton and Andeng are persuaded that two space meant to it is in together. Some fans think that Xian Lim’s Totoy would just need to let go, eventually.

Meanwhile, Andeng find time to speak to Tracy (Matet de Leon) around Anton and also Grace (Iza Calzado). Their colleagues leave them to look for a bar whereby they deserve to listen to a live band. While capturing up, Tracy concludes Andeng has actually really fallen for Anton. She is much more than just concerned, Tracy says. Andeng loves Anton. For her part, Andeng does not even shot deny it.

Malate – Andrea and also Anton Moment

After the gap, Wency Cornejo appears as Anton’s friend. Wency invites Anton and also Xian come jam, ~ above guitar and keyboards, respectively. Together fate would have actually it, Andeng’s colleagues uncovered the precise same bar where Totoy and Anton room jamming v Wency. Andeng can not have actually seen this coming: the two most important gentlemen in she life are both on stage.

Anton bails early, speak he has to gain up at an early stage for the kids. Tracy easily finds an possibility to offer Andeng and Anton some time to talk in private. Anton it s okay nostalgic, talks about music and also his youth. “Sana naabutan ko ‘yung Malate na naabutan n’yo,” Andeng says.

It’s a beautiful moment, until Andeng asks Anton: Why, really, are they with each other in the bar? Anton avoids answering directly. He tells Andeng that he and Totoy have a few things in common, consisting of music and her. Anton then drops a line that seems to have stabbed Andeng in the gut. He claims she would certainly be happy through him. It is an plot of letting go, and also Andeng is left hanging, unsure of what to feel.

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Meanwhile, in the Noble household, Chloe (Julia Barretto) is gaining ready for she debut, while Lucas is hanging the end at their mom’s hotel room. Grace gives Lucas just a tiny bit of hope that perhaps in the future, lock could hang out as a household again.

ALTL Lines: A Love To critical Feb. 22 Episode

Here are several of the finest lines, scenes in and reactions top top A Love To last Feb. 22 episode. Trust the fans on Twitter to post the lines for posterity:

Andeng:"Sayang, sana naabutan ko yung Malate na naabutan mo."#ALTLHarapan

StarCreativesTV) February 22, 2017

"Mahal mo sya dahil si teacher Anton na lang lagi ang iniintindi mo""Pagmamahal yon. Mahal mo sya" OMZZZSSSAEDEASS #ALTLHarapan

— ALTL (
_alovetolast) February 22, 2017

Galing nila. Shet! ns think im in love…Sa dalawang lalaki. Ganda naman ng mga pasabog ngayong gabi. Kudos to the ALTL team. #ALTLHarapan

— Rona Peralta.rn (
ronaperaltaxrn) February 22, 2017

Anton vs. Totoy ?#TeamTotoy #XianLim #ALTL #alovetolast #ianveneracion #ALTLHarapanCto.

— Xian Lim Battalions1 (
Xibattalions) February 22, 2017

Anton laid all his cards na. He will wait for the universe to take its course & offer it to them at THE right TIME. Laban lang!#ALTLHarapan

— Chelsea (
chelsea_rache) February 22, 2017

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