Zelda: Why connect Turns into A Bunny hare In The Dark civilization The manager of The Legend the Zelda: A connect to the Past has revealed why link turns into a fluffy pink rabbit as soon as he enters the Dark World.

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The Legend the Zelda Bunny link Cover
The director of The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past revealed why link transforms into a pink rabbit in the Dark World. Connect has transformed into a number of different creatures transparent the Legend that Zelda series, v the most notable examples being his wolf type in Twilight Princess and his mask develops in Majora"s Mask

In A link to the Past, Link starts out in the light World, which contains Hyrule. Once link faces Agahnim in Hyrule Castle, the is dragged with a portal into the Dark World, which is one evil kingdom that is filled with monsters. To do matters worse, connect has transformed into a pink rabbit, which means he cannot protect himself from the opponents in the Dark World. Once Link finds the Moon Pearl in the Tower the Hera, he can maintain his humanoid type in the Dark World.

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Fans may have actually wondered why link transforms into a hare in the Dark World. The in-game lore says that civilization from the Light human being turn into creatures the reflect their true nature in the Dark World, i beg your pardon fits v Link"s tenderness personality. The reality that he requirements the Moon Pearl to store his original form suggests that it"s connected to the legend of a hare that stays on the moon, together the markings top top its surface resemble the animal. The may have actually influenced the choice, however the manager of the game gave a definitive reason as to why attach turns right into a rabbit.

A link to the Past director Takashi Tezuka told Game Informer that he want to develop a look the was together striking and also different native Link"s constant body as possible. A gigantic pink rabbit definitely fits the bill, also if Link keeps his iconic environment-friendly tunic after the transformation. Tezuka additionally said the the very first thing he thinks of as soon as conjuring pictures of a dream people is rabbits, which is another reason why link turns into a rabbit in the Dark World.

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Link"s rabbit type is conveniently the most useless change in the entire Legend the Zelda series, together it leaves him defenseless in the Dark World. Luckily, the player doesn"t have to sport big ears and also a fluffy tail for long, as they need to acquire the Moon Pearl to finish the game. The manager of A attach to the Past wanted a form that was vastly different from what Legend the Zelda fans were offered to, and he definitely succeeded in this regard, though the selection might have actually frustrated a lot of players in ~ the time.