The Hildibrand pursuits are several of the most commemorated side pursuits in the kingdom of Final Fantasy XIV—offering drama, intrigue, and also exclusive rewards.

How to Unlock the Hildibrand pursuits in final Fantasy XIV

To begin this Hildibrand search line, you"ll first speak come Wymond inU"ldah. He is located in between the mainAetheryte and also the Adventurers Guild (x9, y8). Accept the level 50 search The Rise and also Fall the Gentlemen to begin.

These quests focus on the adventures the Hildibrand Manderville,Eorzea"s resident himbo detective. You"ll companion him about different areas, collection clues and also thwarting evil while meeting an exciting cast of heroes. And also some fan-favorite villains.

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Note: The Rise and also Fall the Gentleman quest will not be accessible until friend have developed through A realm Reborn and also completed The can be fried Weapon quest.

Once you"ve got to the end of the an initial batch the quests, don"t conference! The expansionsHeavenswardandStormblood each sell their own set of Hildibrand pursuits that pit our hero against more monstrous foes. And also who knows, possibly you"ll get to meet much more of the top Manderville clan!

Heavensward growth - Hildibrand Quests

To unlock the Hildibrand quests in the Heavensward expansion, speak come Nashu Mhakaracca in Ishgard. She can be found in the Pillars at (x5.9, y9.9). Accept the quest "A Gentleman Falls, quite than Flies" to acquire started.


Stormblood growth - Hildibrand Quests

For the Stormblood expansion, you must seek the end the Conspicuously Inconspicuous Man. The is located in Kugane at (x10.6, y9.8). Accept the search A Hingan Tale: Nashu go East come begin.


Each batch the quests features a boss fight in the form of a regular Trial. These deserve to be queued for solo, v a party, or v party finder. Castle can also be perfect unsynced, permitting players to finish them with a lot smaller group.

To unsyc, simply choose "undersized party" native the duty finder menu. That is normally after this trials that the players receive rewards such as minions, emotes, and more. That doesn"t desire a tiny little Hildy adhering to them around?

WillHildibrand be added to Shadowbringers? will certainly he accompany us to the moon inEndwalker? just time will tell, yet there"s a organize of rewards come get and fun come be had while we wait to see what"s next for Eorzea"sgreatest investigator.

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