Located in the love of Beverly Hills, The Wallis Annenberg facility for the Performing art (The Wallis) has transformed a Beverly Hills city block right into a colorful new social destination. The facility consists of two distinct, elegant buildings: the historical 1933 Italianate-style Beverly Hills article Office and also the modern-day 500-seat Goldsmith Theater. With each other these two structures adopt the city’s history and future, creating a new social landmark. The Wallis produces and presents impressive theater, music and also dance, and exciting programming because that the family audience.

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History the The Wallis Center:

The Beverly Hills write-up OfficeThe short article Office was constructed in 1933 by architect Ralph C. Flewelling and decorated by artist Charles Kassler. It was officially opened in 1934 and devoted in 1936 under the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration. Over the decades, the Beverly Hills write-up Office take it on an excellent significance together the cornerstone of the city and an architecture landmark. The famed citizens the Beverly Hills were spotted day-to-day at the write-up Office, symbolizing the fact that this to be an extraordinary structure in an extraordinary town. Post Office services outgrew the building and were relocated to a new facility, when the building itself was preserved and declared a “surplus property” in 1993.

The Beverly Hills article Office ended up being a new national landmark as it transformed into the Wallis Annenberg facility for the Performing Arts. Architect Ralph C. Flewelling and artist Charles Kassler would be honored the the building they for this reason lovingly created long ago has to be fittingly preserved and also modernized together a social destination because that audiences of every ages.

Bram Goldsmith TheaterThe modern Bram Goldsmith theater is situated at the end of a grand staircase the descends indigenous the article Office building. The 500-seat venue beautiful complements the style of the historic structure with the copper-tone materials. V a advanced stage and sculptural wood interior, the theater’s intimate setup ensures the every patron is not much from the performers through spacious seating, adaptable acoustics, cutting-edge lighting and also excellent sightlines.

The Goldsmith is well suited because that musicals, dramatic theater, dance, music – classical and also popular, room opera, expert children’s theater, lectures, meetings and more. A unique acoustically diverted “quiet room” has actually been designed in ~ the behind of the theater to accommodate civilization with one-of-a-kind needs.

Lovelace Studio TheaterThe 150-seat Lovelace Studio Theater offers a functional performance stage for publicly performances, children’s programming and is the heart of the theater college for young people. The space is designed v stadium seating that have the right to retract to lug the size of the room come 4,000 square feet of performance space. It perfectly suits new work, tiny productions, black box, cabaret, workshops, college student performances, rehearsals and also special events. Adjoining the Studio Theater room classrooms, permitting local youth to express themselves creatively with the arts.

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Behind the ScenesThe central Wardrobe Shop is an important behind-the-scenes ingredient to all productions at The Wallis. Adjoining the shop is a Props Room, where expert craftsmen work-related to create, build and also repair props. This means that wardrobe makes on-site initial costumes and props, while other specialists tailor, fix and administer production assistance. The Wardrobe Shop and Props Room also assists students and faculty with learning theatre crafts.