The Y is an ext than a gym. We’re the leading non-profit committed to strengthening our Saint luigi community.

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The Carondelet Park Rec Complex is much more than just a gym in St. Louis. We\"re additionally a ar to combine the spirit, mind, and body. Our programs such as swim lessons, summer camps, and also group practice classes foster growth and learning within the St. Luigi community, allowing you to it is in a happier and healthier neighborhood member.




Collin MingoAssociate executive, management Director

Shawn MilfordSr. Routine Director Membership and also Health & Wellness

Gretchen EricksonAquatics Director

Erica RungeYouth & household Director

Melody KensingerTeens routine Manager

Amelia DuncanRegistrarJoe KluesnerDistrict sporting activities Director

Kay CookAdult Enrichment CoordinatorMatt ThompsonDistrict evil President

In 1919, Theodore Pletcher, one employee the Liberty Foundry, gathered influential men the Carondelet and also together they operated to raise accumulation to start a YMCA in your Community. By June 12, 1919, over $5,000 have actually been raised and a small storefront was rented ~ above Michigan Avenue. The YMCA grew reasonably fast lock moved into a 2nd building (a residence) across the street native the Carondelet Library. In 1924, the Carondelet YMCA joined v the St louis YMCA in a funding Campaign. In might 1924, the Carondelet community had pledged end $85,000 in the direction of a brand-new building. The building was designed by the architect certain of Study and Farrar. ~ above September 25, 1925, the groundbreaking was organized for the new building. The structure (now referred to as Historic Carondelet) was officially organized on June 27, 1926. During the depression, program were obtainable for unemployment citizens. Carondelet YMCA was the very first of the St louis YMCAs to host blood drives during human being War II. They additionally provided complimentary membership to Military and Dances funded jointly through the Carondelet YMCA and also the Carondelet YWCA. By 1961, the Carondelet YMCA had the largest membership in the St louis YMCAs due to the fact that it was serving over 13,000 members in the small building and also it was agreed to uncover a location in south County. By 1962, the southern County branch of Carondelet YMCA was started. In 1979, the Carondelet Y’s men started a book Fair in stimulate to provide funds for the YMCA. This publication Fair proceeds today and also is the largest fundraiser in the Gateway Region.

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Following an agreement with the City that St Louis, the Carondelet family members YMCA closeup of the door its doors top top November 15, 2009, and held the main grand opening of the Carondelet Park Rec complex on November 19, 2009, following a parade native the old structure to the brand-new building. The older building (called “Historic Carondelet”) came to be the Community advance YMCA and provides solutions in the Gateway YMCA Region. The Carondelet Park Rec complicated continues to administer exceptional programs to City and County Residents.