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The Annandale Campus provides a range of scholastic programs, workforce development classes, events and campus facilities to more than 18,000 students every year.

NOVA Annandale Chorus & room Ensemble

Watch the 2020 digital Chorus Concert!Watch \"Santa Lucia\" indigenous the 2021 feather Chorus Concert!Watch \"Peace\" indigenous the 2021 spring Chorus Concert!Watch the spring 2021 Recital by chamber Ensemble and also Applied Piano Students!

Located 14 miles south of Washington, D.C., the campus sit on 78 acres. The Annandale Campus is the largest NOVA campus site with 15 buildings. Below you\"ll find plenty of classroom buildings, a gymnasium, theater, greenhouse, police station, the ernst Community cultural Center, Workforce advancement and a brand-new Student solutions Building.


Annandale Campus Map

Do you require to uncover your way around? Download this map to aid you navigate your way through the campus to uncover what you\"re feather for.

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The following department pages belong come Annandale Campus only. For a complete listing of  university wide departments, please refer to the NOVA scholastic Divisions page. 

Languages, Arts, and also Social sciences (LASS)Mathematics, Sciences, Technology, and also Business (MSTB)


NOVA uses a variety of services to assist you along your educational journey. NOVA is cursed to help you reach your objectives by assisting girlfriend every action of the way.

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The Annandale Campus has ample parking for students, faculty, visitors and guests. Students should park in \"B\" lots only. No overnight parking allowed. Guests and also visitors have to park in visitor or metered spaces.

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Annandale LTR Guide

Click here for a guide to the resources available through the Annandale finding out & modern technology Resources Department.

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