After launching the hundreds Pushups website several years ago, ns received many email requests because that a publication of the exact same title. Well, together luck would have actually it, a well-known publisher, Ulysses Press, backed me in my quest to write a comprehensive and daunting publication around everyone"s favorite exercise - the humble pushup!

7 Weeks come 100 Push-Ups was published June 1st, 2009 and also can it is in purchased in ~ the adhering to online retailers (prices correct December 29th, 2016 and also subject to change):

Price varies

Also, be certain to inspect out your regional Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million or borders store who may be transferring 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups. If castle don"t have actually the book in stock, politely notify them the they must be offering it!

If you"re a keep owner interested in offering the book, feel complimentary to contact Publishers group West - the main distributor because that Ulysses push - which ns believe nearly every bookstore in the nation has one account with.

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Speaking that Ulysses Press, they"ve also published many other fitness books, including the fantastic 7 Weeks to 300 Sit-Ups, 7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups and 7 mainly to acquiring Ripped. Much more details ~ above these and also other "7 Weeks" publications can be found here.

Enhance her Pushups

The book description

It"s the world"s many recognizable, straight-forward exercise, yet most people don"t know it"s actually a hardcore full-body workout. 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups is the ultimate regimen to train the human body to go from just one push-up to 100 continuous reps in under two months—sculpting muscle in the chest, abs, back, glutes and arms without a solitary piece the unwieldy equipment.

The book starts with detailed instructions on how to do a proper push-up and how come maximize its benefit, breaking down the strength-building impacts muscle by muscle. In addition there room day-by-day and also week-by-week practice plans the outline exactly how to work-related up come 100 push-ups safely and effectively.

I"ve additionally included a an extensive warm-up and also post-exercise stretching routine, six different workout plans spanning all level of ability and a simple maintenance arrangement so you have the right to keep the strength and fitness you"ve worked hard to attain.

There is likewise section detailing at the very least a dozen advanced pushup exercises, some good pushups trivia and also a useful collection of typically asked questions.

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Naturally I"m hoping the publication will be a success and also if this website is noþeles to walk by, 7 Weeks come 100 Push-Ups will certainly be on the ideal sellers list in no time in ~ all!

Thank you everyone for supporting the hundred Pushups routine and allowing me the chance to increase on the simple idea of doing pushups to get fit.