Alright for this reason I'm new to the video game and new to to run any specialized servers. I'm using this page as my key guide.

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I've complied with the overview to the letter thus far. I've set up SteamCMD and also used it to download the 7DTD committed server, amendment the config paper just for a few in-game values, and setup both local and also router-level harbor forwarding as specified in the tutorial.

I deserve to see and also connect come the server in ~ my LAN, however others cannot affix using my outside IP from outside my LAN.

If it help at all, it's a verizon quantum gateway router.

Any tips on anything i can try would be significantly appreciated.

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· 1 yr. Ago
Check your windows firewall exceptions. When you click "allow" even on the dedicated server it sometimes doesn't stick, for this reason make sure you have exceptions because that both 7dtd and also the 7dtd committed server.

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· 1 yr. Ago

Hello! As one of those friends trying come correct, below is some added information from my end:

We room both on PC, using steam as the launcher. The devoted server is one EAC, running in anonymous mode, we communicate through Discord, and also have had success connecting to various other public servers as well as direct hosting.

Att1cus to be able to sign up with the LAN together he mentioned, and also he could likewise connect via LOCALHOST IP and also the machine's DHCP address. He might NOT affix when beginning his publicly address.

I to be unable to join using the outside IP resolve of his network. I simply gain the "Could not retrieve server information" error.

HOWEVER, as soon as he joined straight through his LAN, ns was able to use steam's "Join Game" feature with chat. I connected directly to his server, to be able to move about, and also things operated as expected. Afterwards, a brand-new player was created within "%APPDATA%7DaysToDieSavesLocal" - the hosts.txt file included the public IP and port the we had been trying.

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To me, it appears that port forwarding is not working as expected, and also I've operation an nmap scan externally that seems to earlier it up. However, whatever is configured together we think correct top top the quantum, v the rules set as active. Any additional advice or proposal are many appreciated. Say thanks to you.