Food is an important part that 7 Day come Die. Without food, you will certainly starve, i beg your pardon doesn’t aid anyone (expect zombies in search of food). Not all food is created equally, though. Some are best cooked, while some are much better saved come be provided as one ingredient in a recipe. Also, nothing forget the strength of farming. 

Here is a list of the best of the best. 

This perform is accurate as of Alpha 19.

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10. Charred Meat (Best for at an early stage Game)

Meat, Meat ~ above Fire!

Charred meat is a an excellent food choice for as soon as you have to eat now. You can shot consuming the raw, however it will many likely get you sick. Just make sure you drink many of water as it will certainly take -5 hydration native you.

Why charred Meat is Great:

It have the right to be created on the paris with just a campfire+10 fullness+10 stamina+5 Health

How To acquire Food Name:

Cooking ~ above a campfire through x5 life MeatCan be uncovered while lootingIt deserve to be purchased from the Trader 

Charred Meat details: charred Meat 

9. Pumpkin Cheesecake (Best because that Mid Game)

Who puts booze in cheesecake?

While it might not it is in the most delicious cheesecake around, pumpkin cheesecake is good when traveling about Navezgane. It will fill girlfriend up and also grant a bartering boost buff. Simply make it rapid as it just lasts 5 minutes.

Why Pumpkin Cheesecake is Great:

Bartering buff -5% purchase prices for 5 minutes+42 fullness+20 stamina+21 health

How To get Pumpkin Cheesecake:

Craft in ~ a campfire that has actually a food preparation pot v pumpkin, egg, cornmeal, pet fat, and grain alcoholCan be discovered while lootingIf you’re lucky, the businessman may have actually one

Pumpkin Cheesecake details: Pumpkin Cheesecake

8. Bacon and also Eggs (Best for beforehand Game)


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Bacon and also eggs room a good food item to have on you. It just takes 2 ingredients and also will provide you decent fullness. Simply don’t forget you require to discover the cooking recipes or obtain level 1 of grasp Chef.

Why Bacon and Eggs are Great:

+36 fullness+10 stamina+18 health

How To acquire Bacon and also Eggs:

Bacon and also Eggs can be discovered while scavengingThe businessman may have some in stockBacon and Eggs deserve to be crafted with raw meat and eggs in ~ a campfire v a food preparation pot.

 Bacon and Eggs details: Bacon and Eggs

7. Hobo Stew (Best because that Late Game)

The description says the all

No one likes eat rotting flesh (hopefully), but what if it were combined with vegetables? Still not convinced? How about +64 fullness? and no opportunity of sickness? sounds good, right? Well, Hobo Stew will enable you to make that rotting flesh collection you have edible. It is also a great source the fullness and also hydration. Just make sure you read the cooking recipes or get level 3 of understand Chef.

Why Hobo Stew is Great:

+64 fullness+20 hydration+30 stamina+32 health and wellness

How To acquire Hobo Stew:

Go and also bother the traderRaid the Shamway FoodsCook at a campfire through a food preparation pot making use of rotting flesh, potato, ear that corn, animal fat, and also bottled water

Hobo Stew details: Hobo Stew

6. Meat Stew (Best because that Mid Game)

A survivor no worth his salt if he can’t do a meat stew!

Meat Stew is a great all-around meal that can make the meat you have even far better by adding potatoes and corn. Make certain you read the recipe publication or gain level 2 of the understand Chef perk before trying her luck do stew.

Why Meat Stew is Great:

+50 fullness+20 hydration+20 stamina+25 health

How To obtain Meat Stew:

Get lucky while lootingSee if the trader can assist you outCook at a campfire that has a food preparation pot v raw meat, potato, ear that corn, pet fat, and also bottled water

Meat Stew details: Meat Stew

5. Vegetable Stew (Best for Mid Game)

Who put a range here?

If you firmly insist on gift a vegetarian also after the people ends, you are in luck. Vegetable stew is a food option and also a an excellent way to do the most of all the farming you put so much time into. Just grab the recipe or get level 2 of the understand Chef perk, and also you are prepared to gain cooking!

Why vegetable Stew is Great:

+31 fullness+20 hydration+20 stamina+15 health

How To obtain Vegetable Stew:

Check the traderDo some scavengingCook at a campfire that has actually a cooking pot v potato, ear that corn, mushrooms, and also bottled water

Vegetable Stew details: vegetable Stew

4. Sham Chowder (Best because that Late Game)

It’s better than eat it plain

Sham might not it is in the most appealing food, however what if you might make it right into chowder. Sham chowder is an excellent overall food. That will increase your fullness by 53 and additionally grants the +1 fortitude buff because that 10 minutes. Discover the recipe or acquire level 3 the the grasp Chef perk therefore you can reap the benefits.

Why Sham Chowder is Great:

+53 fullness+10 hydration+30 stamina+80 health and wellness

How To acquire Sham Chowder:

See if the businessman has any type of availableKeep looting Shamway FoodsCook in ~ a campfire that has actually a food preparation pot with deserve to of Sham, potato, ear of corn, and also bottled water

Sham Chowder details: Sham Chowder

3. Shepherds Pie (Best because that Late Game)

Who doesn\"t love an at home campfire?

What is far better than some good old-fashioned lull food ~ a long day the scavenging? Well, Shepherds Pie is accessible to make! that is a good food choice giving a rise to every stats. The downside is that food preparation requires part items you have to uncover via looting or the trader, and also you need a cooking recipes or level 4 of grasp Chef to cook.

Why Shepards Pie is Great:

+104 fullness+40 stamina+52 health

How To obtain Shepards Pie:

Find when scavengingSee if the trader as any of themCook in ~ a campfire v a cooking pot and lamb rations, deserve to of peas, ear the corn, pet fat, and potato.

Shepards Pie details: Shepards Pie

2. Gumbo Stew (Best because that Late Game)

There far better be some stew inside!

Gumbo is a good food alternative for later on in her game. That will grant you a the majority of fullness and has the included benefit that hydration. Make certain you look because that the recipe or acquire to level 4 in the understand Chef perk tree to gain this treat.

Why Gumbo Stew is Great:

+112 fullness+20 hydration+40 stamina+56 health

How To get Gumbo Stew:

Find it in part rotting trashVisit the businessman on a great dayCook top top a cooking pot equipped campfire through a big beef ration, peas, deserve to of stock, pet fat, and bottled water.

Gumbo Stew details: Gumbo Stew

1. Spaghetti (Best for Late Game)

Please have actually spaghetti!

Everyone loves spaghetti, and also just due to the fact that the people ends, the doesn’t average you need to live there is no it. Spaghetti will provide you to many fullness of any in existing in-game food. That will likewise give you a good amount the stamina and health. Take the recipe or acquire to level 4 in the grasp Chef perk tree to chef this yummy dish.

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Why Spaghetti is Great:

+122 fullness+40 stamina+61 health

How To obtain Spaghetti:

Find the while scavengingCheck the traders stockCook on a campfire v a cooking pot through a large beef ration can of pasta, mushrooms, animal fat, and bottled water.

Spaghetti details: Spaghetti