I have been can not to find solution to this quandary elsewhere and also I'm hoping someone here can help me out.

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TL;DR: walk Tome that the Stilled Tongue neglect normal casting times?

The DMG is rather clear on how casting spells out of items works. "The spell supplies its normal casting time, range, and duration, and the user the the item need to concentrate if the spell needs concentration. Certain items make exceptions to these rules, transforming the casting time, duration, or other parts that a spell."

I've run into a little bit of an problem with the Tome that the Stilled Tongue and also how that is worded in relationship to this over rule. The Tome the the still Tongue says, "While holding the tome, you deserve to use a bonus activity to actors a order you have actually written in this tome, without expending a spell slot or using any verbal or somatic components."

My problem here is the "use a bonus action" and "the spell uses its normal spreading time" wording. Based upon every various other item in the video game such together Staves, Wands, etc they generally say "use an action" and the usual interpretation of this is the item supplies the same activity for its casting time. For example, a Wand that Fireballs takes an activity to actors the Fireball order which has a spreading time the 1 action. This doesn't add up to 2 actions, its all one action. Yet if you were to use a staff of the Woodlands to cast Awaken, that would rather start the 8 hour spreading time as that activity used to expend the dues (so 7 hours, 59 minutes and 54 seconds remaining on the cast time). So far, this is my knowledge of the rule.

In the situation of the Tome that the still Tongue however it calls for a bonus action to cast a spell. Go this climate not finish until the finish of the action on your following turn if you've already taken an activity this turn? Or walk this item satisfy the "certain items make exceptions" i beg your pardon would bring about some strange implications.

As much as I can see there room 3 possibilities:

You actors a spell that normally would take it 1 activity in addition uses a bonus action, utilizing up your activity and bonus activity for the turn and also will avoid you exhilaration normally.

You actors a spell utilizing your bonus action and it doesn't walk off till after you next take an activity (either the same revolve if your bonus action went very first or following turn if friend have already used her action.

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You cast a spell making use of your bonus activity and that goes turn off immediately, skip the normal activity casting time.

If option 3 is correct, and it ignores the normal spreading time of the spell, that would then additionally imply the you can actors spells that normally take hrs to cast as a bonus action and have it complete immediately. Is this the case?