Many books that challenge religious belief from a skeptical suggest of see take a combative tone the is virtually guaranteed to alienate faithfulness or they present complicated philosophical or scientific disagreements that failure to with the median reader. This is undoubtably one ineffective way of encouraging people to develop an important thinking around religion. This unique strategy to apprehension presents fifty commonly heard reasons world often provide for believing in a God and also then raises legit questions regarding these reasons, mirroring in each case that over there is lot room because that doubt. Whether you"re a believer, a complete skeptic, or what in between, you"ll uncover this evaluation of timeless and much more recent arguments for the visibility of God refreshing, approachable, and enlightening. From religion as the foundation of morality to the authority of spiritual books, the compelling spiritual testimony of prominent people, near-death experiences, arguments from intelligent Design, and much more, Harrison respectfully defines each rationale for belief and also then politely reflects the deficiencies that any an excellent skeptic would suggest out. as a reporter who has traveled widely and interviewed plenty of highly completed people, rather a variety of whom space believers, the writer appreciates the range of belief and the means in which human being seek come make faith compatible with scientific thought. Nonetheless, he reflects that, despite the pervasiveness of id in God or religious belief in smart people, in the end there room no unassailable reasons for believing in a God. for skeptics searching for appealing means to method their believing girlfriend or faithfulness who space not fear to think about a cynical challenge, this book makes for an extremely stimulating reading.

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GUY P. HARRISON (San Diego, CA) is one award-winning journalist and the writer of Think, 50 basic Questions for Every Christian, 50 Popular beliefs That people Think room True, 50 Reasons people Give because that Believing in a God, and Race and Reality: What Everyone have to Know around Our biological Diversity. Find that on digital at,, and also on Twitter

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""There might be 50 ways to leave your lover, yet now male Harrison has offered us 50 ways to believe in God, or no if you care to read this engaging and also enlightening book in light of what it says about the cultural and mental power that belief. If the number one predictor of i m sorry God who believes in is what society and time duration they happened to have been born in, what does the say around the actual presence (or not) the a deity? check out this publication to discover the many and diverse factors for belief.”   —Michael Shermer, Publisher that Skeptic magazine, monthly columnist for clinical American, author of Why Darwin problem   “There’s fantastic American posting house, Prometheus Books, which specialization in agnostic and atheist subjects. I’ve simply finished analysis Fifty Reasons civilization Give because that Believing in a God, by guy P. Harrison.

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In this thought-provoking book, Harrison provides a powerful case versus religion without the need for name-calling, contempt or condescension. -The Herald, Glasgow, Scotland  “Harrison has hit the ideal mix.  the does not coddle or kowtow come believers, however he has actually a pleasant way of writing.  One can virtually imagine that he is smiling together he writes—not a sardonic smile but a real, life-affirming, comfortable-with-who-I-am smile.  His joyful take on of the organic world and humanity in all its triumphs along with low points and also his admission that that does no understand everything he encounters provides this author’s atheism a an extremely happy state the being.” -Free Inquiry