Love this place, nice soccer fields and a nice little walking route wrapped roughly the area that is a mile long. Throughout Covid time this is our go to ar for walks and bike rides with the kids.

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Well managed and landscaped turf and also grass facility. Have only been because that soccer league play. Snack bar, picnic tables, and also bathrooms close to the parking lot. Turf areas by the closestly parking lot. Grass fields in the back. Locations to sit on the side of grass areas to check out games. Lug lawn chairs or blankets because that spectating. Be mindful parking top top the street past the no parking indicators north that the enntrance gate roundabout. They likewise usually open up up extr dirt parking alongside the main paved lots for crowded organization days.

I love play soccer gamings here through my kids.. An excellent fields... Awesome healthy and balanced food truck always at the games referred to as the Refuel center serving up tons of protein for my kids before and after your games.

I participated in the Spaghetti west ultimate frisbee tournament and the fields were great. I appreciated how clean the park was and the quality of the park in general.

We were right here for my daughters football tournament. Very nice facility. Basic to find, well retained fields and clean restroom facilities. They did charge $5 because that parking which to be a surprise but we uncovered on street parking ~ above Litt immediately surrounding to the basic so to be able to protect against paying.

Came right here for a football tournament with large number the participants. It expanded its already spacey parking lot into the grass soil which make moving and also parking for this reason easy.

Great path roughly the perimeter for exercising. Park is not completely developed, mostly just a football complex. To be living nearby for eighteen years. End up the park already!

Has that all. An extremely nice facility. Grass is impeccably maintained, really clean, great layout. It is time to settle up the astroturf though.

Really high quality fields! but absolutely NO shade. Lug an umbrella or EZ Up. Sun is warm anytime after ~ 9am.

Large soccer arena through lots of fields to play on.There should have actually been much more refreshments roughly though. Especially for a competition Iike the nor Cal State Cup finals.

Best soccer facility in modesto. 3 turf fields, 2 grass fields, parking lot and also a 1 mile trail about de complex!

This is a Soccer facility not a classic public park. The park is an extremely beautiful and also boosts several synthetic turf soccer fields, The employee are an extremely friendly, helpful and also keep the complicated looking nice at every times.

Beautiful soccer facility. Fields are a mix that turf and grass fields. The team played on both. Grass was still wet at 5 pm as soon as they played together it had rained difficult the job before. Numerous parking.

Very Nice football field, Only improvements needed are the an extremely back if areas on the pathway come street needs a led Walking Area because that Parents and also Spectators, we DONT choose MUDD..And secondly the Parking lots..trying to leave is RIDICULOUS!

This ar was for this reason nice. Numerous parking. New fruit and smoothie merchant right in ~ the former gates. Beautifully manicured grass and also artificial turf ~ above the soccer fields. Fine worth the drive

Did not go come this park. Us drove by, too many homeless civilization sleeping, living there. Lots of world sleeping top top benches picnik tables too. Did no look safe or clean. Requirements direction in that area.

Its a quite park but sometimes they dont have the areas numbered so it have the right to be hard figuring out wherein youre an alleged to take your boy if youre no from the town. Likewise sometimes they make you pay for parking and also sometimes castle dont, which seems random, however as someone that doesnt lug cash to be a bit shocked gift asked for money for the very first time on my fifth time there.

The soccer fields are kept well, the bathrooms room clean, and also just a beautiful ar all together.

Nice place , well maintained an excellent soccer fields. Salary parking at some events. But there is ~ above street parking together well.

Nice soccer complex with turf and synthetic fields. Not lot shade, but there room some table to eat at. Clean Restrooms and portable toilets are located near the fields.

Huge soccor facility with room for at the very least 7 different games!Its a football park .. There are restrooms, totally free parking, and grass.

Parking sucks and also the snack bar is empty. Because that the price we pay per kid ava with just how many kids are out there youd suppose more.

This is no a cummunity park...even if they have it as its.....they space constantly kicking out civilization when lock play in large groups..

Soccer complicated where mine grandkids have the right to play and also a snack bar. The trouble with the park this year is as result of rent going up not all age groups could play there. The snack bar was likewise much more limited in selections.

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