2021$5,106 (+3.9%)$133,900$170,200$304,1002020$4,914 (+3.4%)$128,300$165,100$293,4002019$4,754 (+10.1%)$119,200$164,800$284,0002018$4,316 (+1.1%)$119,200$135,300$254,5002017$4,267 (−0.7%)$119,200$121,200$240,4002016$4,295 (+11.6%)$120,800$128,200$249,0002015$3,850 (+2.0%)$120,800$119,700$240,5002014$3,773 (+4.9%)$122,600$112,900$235,5002013$3,598 (+6.1%)$129,100$107,300$236,4002012$3,392 (+5.5%)$131,600$103,600$235,2002011$3,215 (+7.1%)$131,600$103,600$235,2002010$3,003 (+2.0%)$137,200$103,600$240,8002009$2,945$144,400$108,200$252,600
Showing surrounding schools. Please examine the institution district website to view all schools serving this home.

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School data noted by GreatSchools. Institution service limits are intended to be provided as recommendation only. To verify enrollment eligibility for a property, contact the school directly.
Median sale PriceMedian sale Price# of residences SoldMedian job on MarketSingle family HomesAll residence TypesSingle family HomesTownhousesCondos/Co-ops
Many residences get multiple offers, some with waived contingencies.The average houses sell for about 5% over list price and go pending in around 19 days.
Many houses get lot of offers, some with waived contingencies.The average houses sell for around 3% above list price and also go pending in roughly 19 days.
Many dwellings get many offers, some v waived contingencies.The average residences sell for around 3% over list price and also go pending in around 19 days.
This area is auto dependent — practically all errands require a car. Over there is a minimal amount of framework for biking.





Nearby homes similar to this home have recently sold between $300K come $438K at an average of $300 every square foot.
33 Bates St is a 1,040 square foot house on a 0.84 acre lot v 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This residence is right now off market.
Based top top rwcchristchurchappeal.com's market data, us calculate that industry competition in 01756, this home's neighborhood, is really competitive. Houses sell for around 5% above list price and go pending in approximately 19 days.

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