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ns am laughing as I start to type this because the reviews being displayed while I kind both start with "I am not a large country music fan..." i beg your pardon is specifically how ns was walk to begin mine, however I...
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The studio tourism is one hour long & we will be taken by bus in the afternoon. We spent over $100 and got into an elevator to 3. The was really disorganized and crowded make the efforts to obtain in. The exhibits...
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ns am not a big country music fan but I am a fan of music hence when in Nashville this is a should stop. Actually having actually seen Ken Burn's PBS one-of-a-kind on nation music spurred mine interest. $26 for...
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Me and a life lengthy friend ultimately made it to the nation Music hall of Fame! no really sure what us expected. We paid our respects and also walked through slowly taking in all the history while...
This was a funny museum. I had actually just seen Johnny Cash's, Patsy Cline's and Willie Nelson's individually, therefore this was nice that it had a piece of everyone. I believed it a small pricey in ~ $27.95 but...

Nashville's nation Music room of Fame and also Museum is a destination known come travelers from roughly the globe. Nation music pan of all periods enjoy the timeless relics, photos, and exhibits dedicated to the most prominent men and women in the industry.

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Best and also worst time to walk to nation Music hall of Fame and also MuseumThe museum is open year-round and also there's no factor to ever avoid this destination.However, committed country music fans can want to undertaking here throughout CMA pan Fest in June, when country stars take over the city with performances at the stadium down the street.Must see/do at nation Music room of Fame and also MuseumBe certain to spend time in the ever-changing main exhibit, which has featured hit-makers indigenous Johnny Cash to Luke Bryan. Next, undertaking to the wall surface of yellow Records, showcasing many albums that hit gold throughout the years. Last but definitely no least, don't miss out on the garments displays whereby you have the right to see the really outfits this artists wore ~ above stage.Admission to nation Music room of Fame and MuseumChildren under five constantly receive complimentary admittance, so bring the family! Youth tickets space under $20 and tickets for eras 13 and older are in the mid $20's. The museum continually uses discounts because that seniors, AAA members, and military, in addition to group rates. Or develop a package and also tour the museum andHistoric RCA Studio B. Purchase tickets online or at the box office.Parking and also public transport to nation Music hall of Fame and also MuseumLocated in the heart of downtown Nashville, the hall of fame and museum is surrounding by publicly parking areas, however does not provide its own. Park in a adjacent lot or garage, discovered, or take it a take the totally free bus line to that downtown drop-off, simply blocks away.Food at country Music room of Fame and also MuseumTwo Twenty-Two Grilland Baja Sexto Taco space in the very same building, featuring mid-range priced fare.Bongo Java Coffeehas a location just steps away, special speciality lattes. External of the building, over there bars, restaurants and also coffeeshops abound in any direction in downtown Nashville. These options are all walkable.

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Inside tip for visitors to nation Music room of Fame and MuseumThe museum can acquire pretty crowded, specifically on weekends. If the line at the main entrance top top Demonbreun is too lengthy for you, sneak about the corner and use the side entrance on fifth Avenue. Nearly a guaranteed shorter line.Author's bio: Rebecca Cicione has actually lived in Nashville for 4 years. She works in the nonprofit and music industries and her favorite ar to it is in is anywhere outdoors.