A Nissan Altima owner claims that 2013 to 2014 model year vehicles contain a defect that causes them to stall unexpectedly, perhaps leaving vehicle drivers in dangerous situations.

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Lead plaintiff Christopher Gann alleges in the Nissan Altima stalling defect class activity lawsuit the the vehicles save on computer defective repeatedly variable automatic transmissions.

The defect, claims the plaintiff, leads to “shuddering, hesitation, stalling, inexplicable noises, and ultimately, premature infection failure.”

“When the shuddering occurs, momentum of the Subject auto is suddenly lost, the rate of rate drops or the car stalls, and the brake lights perform not illuminate,” cases the Nissan Altima class activity lawsuit.

“The defect is especially dangerous due to the fact that it manifests when the driver presses the accelerator. Simply when the driver attempts to accelerate, nothing occurs. This is sometimes complied with by an unforeseen surge that power. The boost the hazard that the driver will shed control and cause a collision.”

According to the Nissan Altima stalling defect class action lawsuit, the cost of addressing the defect is high – much more than $3,000. Frustratingly, alleges Gann, the expensive solve often includes the environment of an additional defective part, potentially leading to the exact same dangerous problems.

Nissan, says the plaintiff, was mindful of the defect. However, the car firm did no tell consumers about the defect, alleges the Nissan Altima defect class activity lawsuit.

“As a an outcome of Nissan’s unfair, deceptive, and also fraudulent conduct, Plaintiff and the other class members obtained a vehicle worth less than as represented and also less 보다 what they payment for when purchasing their topic Vehicles,” contends the Nissan Altima class activity lawsuit. “Plaintiff and the other class members have actually suffered injury in fact and also incurred damages.”

The plaintiff, a California resident, states that he knowledgeable the stalling defect. According to the Nissan Altima stalling defect class activity lawsuit, the plaintiff’s 2013 Nissan Altima started shuddering and then stopped totally on Dec. 3, 2016.

Gann says he took the car into a dealership and, in spite of having a 100,000-mile prolonged warranty, he had actually to pay $3,754.49 to have actually the trouble fixed.

“Despite the brand-new transmission, the Subject auto continued to experience the juddering and also delayed acceleration,” alleges the Nissan Altima stalling defect class action lawsuit. “Plaintiff purchased the Subject vehicle believing it to be safe, and he would not have purchased it if the knew it to be unsafe.”

“At miscellaneous times before experiencing the complete stalling event, Plaintiff brought his Subject vehicle to central Valley Nissan for maintenance and also repairs perform by Nissan technicians. Together a result of Nissan’s conduct and also his purchase of the defective Altima, Plaintiff has lost money and been damaged.”

According to the Nissan Altima class activity lawsuit, the car maker is well aware of the defect since of numerous consumer complaints. In fact, a website, CarComplaints.com, allegedly advised consumers to protect against the 2013 Nissan Altima and that warning was its greatest complaint in ~ one point.

The Nissan class activity lawsuit seeks to stand for “ll persons and also entities the purchased or leased a 2013 or 2014 Nissan Altima for end use and also not because that resale.” The plaintiff is seeking damages and injunctive relief.

Gann is stood for by Kevin H. Sharp of Sanford Heisler spicy LLP, Ben Barnow, Erich P. Schork, Anthony L. Parkhill and Jeffrey D. Blake of Barnow and also Associates PC and Timothy G. Blood and also Thomas J. O’Reardon of Blood Hurst & O’Reardon LLP.

The Nissan Altima Stalling Defect Class activity Lawsuit is Gann v. Nissan phibìc America Inc., instance No. 3:18-cv-00966, in the U.S. Ar Court for the center District of Tennessee.

UPDATE: ~ above June 7, 2019, Nissan Altima owner secured a negotiation offer indigenous the carmaker which would resolve claims that the vehicles’ transmissions failure prematurely.

UPDATE 2: November 2019, the Nissan Altima infection class action settlement is currently open. Click here to record a claim.

UPDATE 3: The automobile Safety Defect investigation is now open! If you own a auto that has actually a safety defect and also you think it have to be covered by the warranty and it’s not, submit your details here.

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