A city’s city heart is an expression of its people, the diversity, that interests, and its passions. The brand-new Grand Park, v its majestic views expanding from the Music facility to City Hall, gives Angelenos of every walks the life a location where they deserve to come together to celebrate, reflect, and also shape the future, in one main gathering place. Throughout grand Park, open up spaces are easily accessible not only for casual sitting and also leisurely strolling but additionally for civic gatherings. Grand Park has four distinct locations featuring amenities varying from a revitalized historic Arthur J. Will certainly Memorial Fountain with a new wade-able membrane pool, a little intimate power lawn, a community terrace planted with drought-tolerant specimen plants representing the diverse cultural make-up that Los Angeles itself, and also a grand event lawn. The new Grand Park permits for a strong visual and also physical link from grand Avenue via a series of stairs, easily accessible ramps and also sloped walks as well as a brand-new elevator to invite an ext pedestrians right into a vivid garden environment, a place to come together in a welcoming and distinctly city oasis.

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General update:

Grand Park is open up during regular operating hours (5:30 to be – 10:00 PM). Please continue to practice safety protocols: stay a mask, wash her hands, and physically distance at a minimum of 6 feet. The present status that amenities until additional notice:

Dog run: OpenPicnic tables: OpenPlayground: OpenRestrooms: open by Starbucks (off cool Ave.)Splashpad: OpenEvent Lawn (between Spring and also Broadway): Open

For the weekly perform of trucks you re welcome click here.


For an ext info about Grand Park’s Downtown Día de los Muertos, click HERE.


We mourn the death of George Floyd and also countless unjust deaths of black color people.

We stand versus systemic violence and injustice. As a gathering an are that produces social programming, us honor Black culture by standing increase for black color lives.

We proceed our appointment to offer Los Angeles together The Park for Everyone– to combine our partnership with black communities, and to provide an inclusive, collaborative, creative, and also safe an are for marginalized voices in our ar to it is in heard. Action of hate, discrimination, or harmful actions will never be tolerated at grand Park.

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Let’s take treatment of each other, LA Fam.

Love,Grand Park


From our friends in ~ the City that Los Angeles room of Aging! Also easily accessible in Spanish, Armenian, classic Chinese, and Korean.