‘Idiocy’ may be a solid word, but clickbait gonna clickbait. Let’s relocate on.

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I was first introduced come the idea of a pinned & welded AR barrel in about 2011. NFA legislations being what castle are, a rifle has to have a barrel the 16″+ to no be considered a brief Barreled Rifle (aka, SBR). That rule is oppressive and arbitrary and also dumb, but we deserve to work approximately it.

The US military uses 14.5″ barrels on your M4 carbines. They can do this, due to the fact that they room working for the government. It’s the standard “Laws because that thee, however not because that me”, but that’s irrelevant to this certain post. Why 14.5″? Why no 14 even? Or 15? A rapid google search suggests that 14.5″ (with carbine length gas tube) to be the shortest length to i m sorry they could still connect their bayonets. I have actually no idea if the is yes, really the case or not, but it’s likewise irrelevant come this discussion.

The trouble occurs as soon as civilians desire to be like the military and use what the cool guys use, or return vets want to proceed using what they to be issued. The us military issues SBRs together the standard company rifle (technically they’re machineguns, yet whatever). United state normal people can’t operation 14.5″ barrels on our rifles unless they are registered as SBRs. That method that we have to fill out registration forms, pay $200 come the government, wait because that months, and then what do you have? A rifle the you can not take across state lines without express, composed permission native the ATF. Completely worth it, right?

That’s 0 lb, 2.4 oz weight savings.


So, what’s a gun bro come do? A lot of of human being noticed the the military’s standard concern muzzle device, the A2 flash hider, is a tiny over 1.5″ long. If they permanently enclosed an A2 flash hider to your barrel, they’d be legal and also they’d attain the look they want. That looks prefer what the guys ‘over there’ use, it saves some weight & length, and also it doesn’t have actually the ridiculous legal baggage that comes in addition to an SBR. It’s a win-win. Well, just if you never ever want to modify the rifle at any allude in the future. ‘Permanently attached’ muzzle devices can be removed, but you run a really real threat of severely damaging the barrel, and also that’s when you’re paying a gunsmith to execute it. To recognize that element of it, we need to know what ‘permanently attached’ means.

First, let’s walk over just how to ‘permanently’ attach a muzzle device. This is usually done by drilling a small hole in the muzzle machine (if it doesn’t come through one already), control a pin into the hole so that the an equipment cannot come off the threads, and welding that pin in place. Once you check out someone mention a “pinned and welded” barrel, the is what has been done. To eliminate a pinned & welded muzzle device, it method locating the welded-in pin, drilling/milling out, yet not into the barrel threads, and also then removing the device. I’m not a pan of this method. Here’s a great write-up of the procedure by people who actually know what they’re doing.

This is admittedly a worst-case scenario, but why danger it?

Another method of attaching a muzzle device is to use 1100°F level silver solder to attach it, but that’s really uncommon (ATF NFA handbook, web page 5). I’ve just heard one person point out it, and he to be a gunsmith. To eliminate the device, you would re-heat the muzzle finish of the barrel and unscrew the an equipment once the solder melts. I prefer this way a lot more than removed a welded pin. Based on the material properties the 4150 Chrome-moly steel and 416 stainless, 1100°F is much enough listed below the allude where you begin screwing up the hardening of your barrel, as lengthy as girlfriend don’t go much above 1200°F. If you with 1500°F, you’re walking to lose the warm treat of her barrel. Be an extremely careful, and also pay a skilled to do it when appropriate. Ns don’t care how cool her M4gery looks with a 14.5″ barrel, you’ll look real stupid when your barrel explodes.

Now the that’s the end of the way, why must you care around modifying your rifle? Can’t you simply run what the army runs and also be fine? Well, what if you don’t desire to operation an A2 flash hider? want to shot out a muzzle brake for competition this year? want to screw ~ above a silencer? too bad. In between the various handguards various brakes, comps, & speed hiders, the recent rise that QD suppressor mounts, and even the SB Tactical arm Brace, having actually a pinned & welded barrel is no optimal. Take totally free float rails for example. If you (like me) didn’t gain MLok on all your rifles, you’re more than likely wishing you did. If your flash hider is pinned & welded, you need to pay someone to obtain that handguard switched out, and if friend don’t change the barrel entire barrel, you’re either payment that male to re-weld the flash hider earlier in place or submit SBR paperwork.

Pinned & welded a QD suppressor mountain to your barrel? That’s no a destructive option. Most people (in the US) that buy a have the right to do so for life. They’ll keep that silencer basically forever. The trouble comes when you want to try a different can on that rifle. Unless you to buy a brand-new can that’s backwards-compatible, you’re looking at a headache. And if girlfriend do, exactly how long will that agency keep sustaining that QD system? later you may just want come buy a new upper entirely and not deal with the hassle, which leader to my following point…

Some world (as have actually mentioned in the comment below) pen & weld their uppers with the thought process of just buying/building a new upper once they don’t favor this one anymore. If you have that kind of cash flow, walk for it. I’m nowhere near that kind of financial position, therefore that’s a finish non-starter because that me. Ns assume the most people reading this space in a comparable position.

The muzzle machine basically needs to come off any type of time you desire to change anything around your top (besides swapping the entire barrel and gas mechanism together). It’s favor the really last point you placed on the gun, and also permanently attaching it means that everything else behind it is just as permanently attached. Among the many appealing facets of one AR is the capacity to readjust it to her liking, permanently attaching her muzzle device completely nullifies that totality aspect. It’s like structure Legos through glue.

There are some alternatives for 16″ barrels through muzzle tools machined into the finish of them, it is negative the costs of it is registered a device to a barrel and enabling much an ext rifle/rail/gas block customization in the future. The worry with this principle is the the muzzle device you choose at acquisition is literally the just one girlfriend can ever have on this barrel, together it is literally part of the barrel. That means swapping come a speed hider instead of a compensator (or vice-versa) calls for a whole brand-new barrel. Silencers are fully out the the question. I would not recommend this route to someone uneven they really recognize what they’re obtaining into, or already have other uppers in their inventory.

Permanently fastened Suppressor

Stop it. Just, stop.


There yes, really isn’t a most reason to pen & weld gadgets on her AR in today’s market. It could have to be a good idea back in the day, as soon as there together much much less modularity in the AR platform. If you were one of those men who yes, really wrings every little of performance out of a rifle, a 14.5″ could be sufficient length and weight save to justification NFA paperwork, tax, and also wait times, and interstate headaches. However that was earlier then, not today. V the current accessibility and legality of SB eight braces and also the huge amount of alternatives for customizability you’d shed out on, I simply don’t check out the value.

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There is constantly the reason of “I just want to”, i beg your pardon is always valid. If you room willing to make the demonstrable sacrifices for the watch marginal gains, it is in my guest. If you room in a place financially whereby you deserve to just buy every little thing you feel like, much more power come you. Who knows, you could find the I’m totally wrong and also a permanently attached muzzle device is great.