How come be effective in business and an individual life? Is that really feasible to get rid of self-destructive attitudes and also face obstacles without letting oneself down?


What is the to it is in mentally strong? The author Amy Morin indicates, in her book “13 points Mentally solid People Don't Do”, what habits, thoughts and also behaviors you need to avoid to end up being mentally strong, besides sharing some daily truths.

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We view a great appreciation of physical activity around the world. Gyms, sporting activities championships, fitness lifestyle… that course, castle are very important and integrate a healthy life.

On the other hand, few people space concerned about becoming mentally strong, and the benefits of this are reflected in all various other spheres the life, such as willingness to work, an ideas to face challenges and also a greater determination to accomplish objectives.

So, inspect out this summary to find out how to strengthen you yourself mentally and also get prepared to accomplish all the goals in her life!


About the publication "13 things Mentally solid People Don't Do"


The book "13 points Mentally solid People Don't Do", by Amy Morin, to be released in 2015 and also is 272 pages long.

Its conception emerged in a strange way. After ~ overcoming a serious personal crisis, the psychotherapist created on her blog a post around the main attributes of human being who manage to face obstacles without letting themselves down.

The post went viral and was check out by much more than 10 million world in a week. In this work, the author deepens she thesis and presents research, true stories and also practical strategies. Together a result: now you deserve to reprogram the harmful behavior that have been compromising her health, productivity and also well-being.


About the writer Amy Morin


Amy Morin to be born in Scotland, UK, and also is a psychotherapist, society worker and writer. She is recognized for her publications which, amongst other things, sell solutions to boost mental strength, get confidence and also make far better choices.

In 2015, Morin gave a lecture in ~ TEDx top top "The mystery of coming to be Mentally Strong" (available top top YouTube). It presents techniques for abandoning unhealthy actions that drainpipe one's psychological strength.

In addition to this book, Amy Morin is the author of various other works such as "13 things Mentally strong Parents Don't Do" and "13 points Mentally solid Women Don't Do". Besides, her books have currently been analyzed into 35 languages.


To who is this book indicated?


According come the writer Amy Morin, the publication "13 things Mentally solid People Don't Do" is "for every who seek to be much better today 보다 they to be yesterday". This job-related strongly contributes to the career of professionals in search the success and also mindset change.


Main principles of the publication "13 things Mentally solid People Don't Do"


You need to not feeling sorry for yourself under any circumstances;Everything transforms all the time: if you don't adapt, you'll be outdated;There are 5 stages that change: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, activity and maintenance;Trying to control everything all the time is the biggest difficulty for anxious people;You don't need to please everyone;Reminiscing around the past have the right to be self-destructive;Focusing or envying who else's success isn't walk to acquire you anywhere;Success is not immediate;A mentally solid person take away time to emphasis on their an individual and experienced growth;Everything in this world must be conquered;Mentally solid people aren't impatient;Have your irreversible goals and also work relentlessly.


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Overview: Don't feeling sorry for yourself


According to Amy Morin, you must not feel sorry for you yourself under any circumstances. If you perform that, as well as wasting time, you'll be multiplying an unfavorable emotions.

The an outcome will it is in disastrous: friend will damages your relationships together a whole, an individual and professional.

The author says in her book, "13 points Mentally strong People Don't Do", that:


"Feeling sorry for yourself is self-destructive. Offering oneself to self-pity renders it difficult to live a full life." 


Overview: Don't provide your power to other people


The writer Amy Morin to trust that people give up your power when there are no clear physical and emotional limits.

In this way, you must not permit others to regulate your actions, or they will likewise define her success and self-esteem. So save track of your personal goals and also work to accomplish them.


Overview: Don't be afraid of change


Yes, you have to not be fear of changes in your an individual or professional life. ~ all, everything alters all the time, and also if you don't adapt, you'll it is in outdated. In the Amy Morin's words, "other human being will overcome you."

According to the book, "13 things Mentally solid People Don't Do", over there are five stages of change:




Overview: Don't rubbish time through what girlfriend can't control


Trying to regulate everything all the time is the biggest trouble for worried people. Inspect out the key points emphasize by the writer Amy Morin in this regard:


Trying to control everything is a garbage of time and energy;Being a controller damages relationships;You will certainly judge rather harshly;Blame you yourself for every little thing without need.


Overview: girlfriend don't need to please everyone


Have you ever before heard the saying, "Not even Jesus enjoyment everyone"?

That's right. Amy Morin reminds us that us often treatment too lot what rather think about us. She lists in her book, "13 points Mentally strong People Don't Do", 4 facts around trying to it is in a human who pleases others:


It's a garbage of time;It's it s okay for others if you feeling disappointed or nervous;You can't please everyone.


Overview: Don't be fear to take it calculated risks


It's it s okay that you're fear to take part risks, however sometimes it's necessary. Come face the challenge, follow to the writer Amy Morin, is very simple: you must have actually knowledge. 


"Lack that knowledge about how come calculate risk leads to increased fear."


Overview: Don't live in the past


What you've to be through, you've to be through. Amy Amorim teaches us that come dwell top top the past have the right to be self-destructive. Moreover, this means of life will avoid you from enjoying the present and planning because that the future.

The writer states in she book, "13 points Mentally strong People Don't Do", that:


“Reflecting top top the lessons learned, considering the facts and also not the emotions, and looking at the instance from a new perspective deserve to be useful."


Overview: Don't repeat the exact same mistakes


To make a mistake once is come learn, twice... Well, it's an extremely important the you reflect top top your previous mistakes. This is how you end up being a mentally solid person: accept duty by the mistake and also create a setup to avoid making the exact same mistakes in the future.


Overview: Don't resent the success of others


"Resentment is choose anger that remains hidden and stored," says Amy Morin.

So focusing on or envying who else's success will acquire you nowhere, rather the contrary. Girlfriend will finish up deviating from your own mission and also your very own path.

So ask yourself what's finest for you... What renders you happy... Worth your own talents and skills, emphasis on your own values and also relationships, and be yourself.


Overview: Don't provide up ~ the an initial failure


Actually, no one likes to fail. It's painful. Top top the other hand, the author Amy Morin teaches united state that success is no immediate, and failure will certainly most regularly be an obstacle the you will have to overcome.

According to the publication "13 points Mentally strong People Don't Do", a mentally strong person accepts failure since knows that she/he is good enough come persist and also do better next time. In fact:


 "Rising again after ~ a failure will make that stronger."


Overview: Don't be fear of security time alone


Loneliness is various from gift alone. Faced with this, the writer Amy Morin proposes an experience: why no take part time to keep only your very own thoughts?

One that the measures of a mentally strong person is to set aside a part time personally of day-to-day life to emphasis on their personal and expert growth.

The publication "13 things Mentally strong People Don't Do" cites some benefits of gift alone:


Being alone can only increase your empathy;Time alone have the right to increase creativity;Knowing exactly how to remain is only an excellent for your mental health;Staying is just restorative.


Overview: Don't think the world owes friend anything


Sometimes you can be angry with the world due to the fact that you haven't accomplished what you wanted or accomplished success. Once that happens, remember the no one is licensed has been granted to anything. Every little thing in this people must be conquered.

Amy Morin observes:


"Life was no made to it is in fair." 


So concentration on your efforts, expropriate the criticism and acknowledge her failures. Besides, don't compare yourself come others: friend may finish up disappointed as soon as you don't get what the world owes you.... And of food the human being owes girlfriend nothing.


Overview: Don't expect immediate results


The writer Amy Morin defines in her book, "13 things Mentally strong People Don't Do", that you must not have actually absurd expectations. On the contrary, with your feet on the ground, it is in realistic. Construct the knowledge that success doesn't take place overnight and also so girlfriend will develop your full potential.

That's right, mentally strong people aren't impatient.

So have your long-term goals and work relentlessly. Be assured that not everything will turn out the means you expect, yet it's okay. Be patient, due to the fact that life always suprehends.


What do various other authors say around it?


In Tony Robbins's "Awaken the large Within", there are also an excellent lessons about life changes, which, follow to the author, depend only on the early decision to change. As such, the publication outlines lessons about self-control and how this lessons can help you achieve your personal goals.

In the book "Mindset", through psychologist Carol S. Dweck, that is disputed how our beliefs shape ours behavior and our growth. While perspectives produce definite world views, people can change by learning new skills. Human beings have the right to be teach to react in different ways, just how to challenge challenges and think differently.

Finally, in the job-related "Winning", Jack Welch viewpoints that we must always seek top quality in our expert life. If you are not satisfied with your job, find a task that provides enthusiasm for your career, the is very important the you execute not settle down and leave the lull zone.

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But when searching for a job, analyze the company as a whole: your team, tasks, salary, career plan and more. And, when starting a new job, shot to exceed every expectations, constantly give her best!


Okay, but how can I apply this to mine life?


Now that you know the main points of Amy Morin's book, "13 things Mentally solid People Don't Do", how about applying lock in your life?

So, let's go:


Volunteer: aid someone, take it the focus off their problems and also win end self-pity;Gratitude’s diary. Every day, create at least one point you're thankful for;Always forgive;Establish a realistic timeline for your goals;Delegate tasks and responsibilities to others;Create a written arrangement so you don't repeat the same mistake as in the past;Create her own an interpretation of success;View failure together a learning opportunity;Take a few minutes the the job to it is in alone;Practice meditation;Reflect every day on her progress and goals;Create only realistic expectations;Celebrate the tiny achievements in your career;Accept the prestige of go the long way.


Did you prefer this an overview of the book "13 things Mentally solid People Don't Do"?


We hope you delighted in our summary and room able to apply the Amy Morin's advice in your life. Leave your opinion in the comments, her feedback is really important come us!

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