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throughout the opening sequence of Fallout 4, after you complete up character creation, you could have i found it a Vault-Tec poster in her house.

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What"s notable around the an innovation corporation"s in-home advertising could not automatically strike you. There"s a phone number noted on the poster, and also while that is much longer than her standard set of digits, it really works.

We referred to as 1-888-4-VAULT-TEC to watch what would happen. Inspect out the audio paper below to hear the one-sided conversation.

The number very first made that debut years ago in the E3 2008 trailer for Fallout 3. It to be functional earlier then, too, however it"s cool to see that 7 years later, Bethesda has actually kept the tiny Easter egg in tact. The publisher even first hinted in ~ its ongoing existence by including it in ~ the bottom that the official fallout 4 website, which opened up in June.

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Be sure to read our evaluation of autumn 4 before delving into the wasteland yourself. After ~ that, examine out our guide if friend need aid along the way.

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